Hello World! Making this blog w/ Jekyll Now

I first published this blog to jordanpagewhite.github.io around January 10, 2016. I started this blog for a lot of reasons, but some of the main reasons are (in no particular order):

  • Meet, communicate, and problem solve with other developers/engineers/people who like the same stuff that I like
  • Provide some tutorials, mostly to the Drupal community, on practical solutions to challenging problems
  • It is a very effective way for me to reflect upon what I have accomplished, reinforce learning, and evaluate the outcomes

You’re mostly a Drupal developer, why use Jekyll

Although most of my posts will likely be about Drupal, I consider myself a problem solver first and a Drupal developer maybe as a secondary or tertiary descriptor. Drupal happens to be a phenomenal tool to solve the problems that I face in my current position. I have used many other tools to solve many other kinds of problems throughout my life. Jekyll, specifically barryclark/jekyll-now, was the perfect solution to the problem of “Why the heck haven’t I started a blog yet?”

I have been, perhaps passively, trying to start this blog for almost a year now but I constantly postponed launching it because I wasn’t happy with either design, functionality, hosting costs, etc. etc. etc. When I found Jekyll Now, I realized immediately that this was the best way for me to blog. I don’t need a design that I can tweak at nauseam, I don’t need mind-blowing functionality, perfect SEO, etc. etc. This is a tool that can launch almost immediately that will allow me to focus on actually writing posts and communicating with others.


Build a blog with jekyll and github pages

Written on January 20, 2016