MEAN Stack Class and Experience

I took a MEAN stack course from Geekwise Academy this September and October. I’ve been meaning to document the experience, but I haven’t had/made time yet.

To start out, this is what I created during the course of the class: MeanTaskMan (Yes, my creative name to my task management app made with the MEAN stack was MeanTaskMan. was already taken.)

Also, I want to start out by thanking the instructor Greg Goforth and the teaching assistant Neil Strain.

I will note that some of my project doesn’t really reflect what was covered in the course, or at least the project(s) tackled in the course. I started working on my MeanTaskMan project earlier in the course while other students were working on getting their environments set up and reviewing some Javascript concepts, and I decided to use the MeanIO framework.

I think that the most interesting/exciting part of my project was messing around with AngularJS. The NodeJS, Express, Mongo, etc. stuff was fun, and it seems like a great way to put together a REST API quickly. Putting together the REST API wasn’t as fun though as having a completed REST API and hooking all the parts together into a nice, beautiful, dynamic front-end experience.

I really want to spend more time messing around with the different ways to use Drupal 8 as an API. I hope to write about some of those in the near future.

Written on November 16, 2016