I am a mathematician turned web developer, mostly PHP/Drupal and front-end. I have worked at a small to mid-size university for the past few years. I mostly use Drupal at work, but I have also worked on a custom PHP MVC app, a Wordpress multisite install, a few Wordpress marketing sites, a Rails newsletter app and task management system, and a lot of different front-end tools (mostly Zurb Foundation/Grunt). Putting aside a long, boring list of frameworks/CMSs/etc, I just like working on really hard problems; software engineering just happens to be a field that is full of them, so it is delightful.

Digital Analytics

I manage the digital analytics at the university, and I was trained by Luna Metrics in their Google Analytics for developers (301) course. I try to use data to inform feature updates and UX of my websites and web applications as much as is reasonable, and I have been able to automate a lot of the reporting, organization and disemmination of data across our organization. Data is awesome, especially when managed and structured well, and I love digging meaningful realizations out of it. I feel the need to briefly mention how awesome the Drupal Google Analytics module is. Once I find time to write a post about it, I will link to it here.

Contact me

twitter: @jordanpagewhite
gmail: jordan.page.white@gmail.com
drupal: /u/jordanpagewhite